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Facial Ion Massager Review – Beauty Gadget of The Week


Ion Massager1



Hey everyone first of all I would like to say sorry to my readers for not being able to post for a very long time. I have been so busy recently that I could hardly find time to write on the blog. 🙂

Anyways today’s review is about the Facial Ion Massager which is a multi beauty instrument. This little Gadget is seriously awesome and does quite a good job at making the skin look good.

It helps in making the skin looks healthier from inside out by offering benefits including lifting and firming loose, droopy skin, restoring natural skin color, reducing lines and wrinkles and bringing definition back to your face by toning the facial muscles and stimulating the flow of blood and lymph, this facial massager gives you the benefits of Botox without the need for injections.

Regular use of a face massager can relax and tone your facial muscles and tissues and help restore the bloom and firmness of youth.

It is Simple to use, inexpensive and surprisingly effective. It also has an eye ministry which makes it easier to go near the corner of the eye and the size is convenient to work all around your eyes to delay or remove wrinkles, crow’s feet and bags under the eyes. It does a good job in improving and diminishing dark circles.

Though this facial massager is beneficial at any age, it’s especially good for women over 40. This is the age when the skin starts to slacken.


Ion Massager 2



This Ion Massager helps skin care products to break down into nutrients in the skin so that the skin can easily absorb. It deep clean the skin, and can kill more than 99% of harmful bacteria, and strengthen the resilience of skin cells. At the same time break down excess facial fat cells, tighten the facial contour. It also helps skin Blemishes to whiten.


Below is a face chart to show you guys how to use the Ion massager.


Face Chart How to use Ion Massager

Photo Credit: ib3Health


I have to say this thing does work but you have to to use it continuously to see results. If you start using a facial massager you need to keep in mind that it’s not a quick fix. You should use it daily for 15-20 minutes but don’t expect any dramatic changes for at least a month. The Massager is suitable for dry, oily, sensitive, or aged skin. At first, daily treatment is recommended, but for sensitive and oily skin, every 3-4 days is okay. After the first month, treatments are only needed once or twice weekly.

This device works with 2 AA batteries.

It does soften and makes the skin juicy!

Hope this post was helpful as usual guys! 😉

AWESOME Mask for Oily Skin – Nature’s Bounty!


Nature's Bounty Oily Face Mask

Hey everyone this is my first post for year 2015. Hope all of you guys enjoyed your holidays and 2015 started well. 🙂

If you people have been following me from the beginning am sure by now you know I have super oily skin. So on New Year’s Eve while doing some shopping I came across this mask from Nature’s Bounty – Sebum Balancing Facial Mask with Active Carbon for Oily Skin. As soon as I saw this I didn’t waste a minute and tried it! 

Seriously guys this mask is very Impressivveeee!!! Simply WOW! 😀 It worked so well on my skin like literally my oily skin has disappeared! PORES have disappeared! Isn’t that cool?! This mask is suitable for mixed & oily skin and contains Algae Essence that hydrates the skin leaving it silky, smooth and healthy. This mask contains ACTIVE CARBON that absorbs skin impurities and excess oil. It is very easy to use but however after it dries up it may be difficult to remove and does become messy so I would suggest you put this when you going for shower.

Usage Instructions:

1. Pour the sachet content in a bowl then mix it with water.
2. Using a Spatula, stir swiftly until the mixture achieves a smooth consistency.
3. Apply the mixture over the face and neck area in circular movement avoiding the eye and lip area.
4. Leave on for 15-20 minutes then peel-off.
5. Rinse face and neck with lukewarm water.

You can use this mask 2-3 times so no need to use One sachet full as it may be too much!

And VOILA!!! Super beautiful matte glowing skin!!!! 😉

Can’t remember the price but I know it was very cheap if I may say. I can tell you that this is definitely going to be one of my MUST HAVE face mask for Summer! Nature’s Bounty also have different types of masks for different types of skin. If you have dry skin but a very Oily T-zone you may apply it only there.

Available in all major supermarkets and hypermarkets across UAE.

Hope this post was helpful as always! 🙂