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Gadget of the Week – Skin Analyzer!


Skin Analyzer

Hey Loves, same like how people can’t survive without water our skin also needs enough moisture to maintain its normal function. And most importantly you need to understand your skin to be able to maintain it and protect it. So while again doing some online shopping  I came across this small and handy Skin Analyzer and had to order it. I was quite excited as you can hardly find these gadgets in Dubai and with the level of humidity/heat as well as winter around its difficult to understand what your skin really needs as treatments and cream.   🙂


Skin Analyzer


The Skin Analyzer can be used everyday and it does a pretty good job by making you understand your skin needs! So this gadget uses the latest Bioelectric Impedence Analysis technology to immediately and automatically detect the factors affecting the skin conditions such as moisture, oil, softness and displays the result on the LCD screen with convenient graphical illustration for the user to understand.


Skin Analyzer


I love this Skin Analyzer as it is easy and comfortable to use and it really does what it’s supposed to do. I have combination skin with an oily T Zone but when winter comes my skin just change drastically so this little gadget definitely helps to figure out which cream/serum should be applied where and when. I definitely recommend this and the price for this little gadget is awesome! I am also trying to get you a Beauty Gadget review at least once every week/month so make sure you guys subscribe through mail, Like me on Facebook and Follow me on Instagram so that you don’t miss it (see details in contact)!

Hope this post was helpful! 😉

Can be bought online for 10USD

Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar First Look & Release Dates!






Photo Credit: Sephora



Sephora USA 12/15
TooFaced.com 12/26

SIJCP 1/15
Ulta 1/18
Beauty Brands 1/13
Counter Top Units (Boutiques) 1/17
Sephora EU 2/1
Sephora ME 2/16
Sephora SEA 3/5
Mecca Maxima (Australia) 2/22
Debenham’s (UK) 1/19

Moisturizing Socks do they work?


Moisturizing Socks 1&2


Hey Everyone, there are people no matter how much they care for their feet they still end up having a fair share of calluses, dry patches and cracked skin. Even those who regularly use a pumice stone and foot lotion might find that the forces working against their feet. Not to mention the climate as well has a major role such as dry weather, hot showers and open shoes. And comes in picture the Moisturizing Socks!


So good news… thanks to the Moisturizing Socks now you don’t need to put vaseline, oil or heavy cream on your feet, then wrap them in cellophane and then put on a pair of socks until morning to have soft and smooth feet! All these steps are time consuming and Moisturizing Socks makes life easier!


So what are Moisturizing Socks?

Well to start with there are 2 different types of socks. Those that you pull on over heavily lotioned feet, and those that come with lotion built in. But today I will review those with built-in lotion. These socks are really convenient as you don’t need to deal with applying creams or lotions or worry about purchasing one separately. These socks comes in different scents like lavender, mint and tea tree and the moisturizing ingredients are typically avocado oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, vitamin E and jojoba and are contained in a polymer gel that comes in the sock itself. See below how it is inside.


Moisturizing Socks with Built In Gel

How to use?


First you need to wash your feet using lukewarm water and a soap-free cleanser to avoid drying out the skin. Use a pumice stone or exfoliating scrub to clear off some of the dry, callused skin on the heels and soles of your feet. This will help the moisturizing ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin. Rinse and pat your feet dry instead of rubbing them with the towel, which could remove too much moisture. Then apply moisturizing lotion, cream or oil.


If you are using a gel-type moisturizing sock, you may skip this step. Apply the moisturizer as soon as you can, preferably within three minutes of drying off to seal in as much moisture as possible. If you struggle with athlete’s foot, try to avoid getting moisturizer in between your toes.


Usually the socks comes with instructions telling you for how long you should wear them which is usually from 30-40 minutes. But you may also wear it overnight. These socks also come with nonslip soles, so you can pamper your feet while you do chores or other work around the house. Cool right! 🙂 If you have very dry skin, using the moisturizing socks on a daily (or nightly) basis might be worth considering. However, once or twice a week is usually adequate for most people, but be sure to pay attention to the directions.


How to take care of your socks?

You do need to treat these socks with care to get the most use out of them. Most require hand washing, and because they already contain the moisturizing ingredients, they will run out of these ingredients after several uses.

I personally enjoy these socks as they are really comfortable and lightweight. And they do work perfectly! First time I had worn them they felt a bit cold but then gradually you can feel some heat inside which means they are working. This is a product I definitely recommend if you want to pamper your feet!


Hope you enjoyed this post! 🙂

Can be bought online for USD14

Derma e Toner for Refined Pores?


Derma e Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin A Glycolic Toner with Papaya



Hey lovelies, few months before I decided to change my toner. Not because it was not working but just that I wanted to try something new and different. So while shopping on iherb I came across this. Right now as winter is here my skin is dry and sensitive around my nose and I hate using creams to hydrate my skin as I already have super oily skin specially oily T-Zone, so a toner that would balance the skin pH was very much needed!


Coming to the product, I have used it for almost a month and I can SEE a difference in my pores. It has made my pores smaller!!! And I really like the overall result! This toner refreshes, tones and tightens skin to reduce visible signs of aging. The Papaya enzymes and glycolic acid in it helps to exfoliate dead skin cells to enhance a smoother complexion without fine lines and wrinkles and Sea kelp and aloe vera boost moisture levels while vitamin A fades the appearance of dark spots and discoloration. It is alcohol free and does make the skin look bright and clean. Sounds great… right?! It does have a strong nice smell which maybe some of you wont like but me am okay with it as it doesn’t annoy me in any way. So would I buy this product again YES!


After cleansing your face, dampen a soft cotton pad with the toner. Gently and thoroughly wipe face and neck in upward direction and put your favorite moisturizer. So this is definitely a simple and effective toner which I do recommend.


Hope this post was helpful! 🙂

Can be bought online for USD13