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Country Life Maxi Hair Plus – Best Hair & Nail Supplement used ever!





Most of the expatriates here in uae are battling with hair loss problem for years and years. There are a couple of factors causing hair loss like the water is saline and not too good for the hair and tank of older properties may not be maintained and cleaned out so dirty tanks can also contribute to hair loss.


Even for me from the time I have been in uae I have been losing a lot of hair and the thought of me becoming bald got me scared so I went out long time before to look for a supplement and found out that this is the strongest supplement available here in uae for hair growth. So I told myself I should give it a shot! And am super happyyy!  🙂


Country Life Maxi Hair Plus is promised to bring life back to hair, skin and nails thanks to B vitamins, biotin and MSM. Adults have to take 4 capsules daily with food. This supplement is packed with lots of vitamins but most importantly the dosage of Biotin is high compared to other hair supplements.


Country Life Maxi Hair Plus does not contain:

  • wheat, soy or milk

  • artificial color

  • artificial flavor

  • artificial sweeteners


I can definitely tell that there is a big difference in my hair and nails. I have used this for about 6 months now. My hair is less brittle, it has become thick, the level of hair fall has decreased and also it is helping new hair to grow. This supplement also gives you strong and beautiful nail. So if you want strong and long nails you should get this product. As for my skin I have  not seen any major change.


This supplement is available in major pharmacies in uae for the price of AED160 which is super expensive! So I would suggest buying it from iherb for around AED56. If you have never ordered from iherb.com before then use code CRF004 to save up to 10$ from your very first order.


If you are confused and not sure what is causing hair loss for you then best thing would be to go to a Dermatologist or Endocrinologist and get your scalp checked and do a blood test to understand why you are losing hair.

Hope this post was helpful! 🙂