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DermaDerm Garlic Shampoo Review

DermaDerm Garlic Shampoo

Hello Ladies! For the past few weeks I have been trying the DermaDerm Garlic Shampoo and here is the review.   🙂


I am happy with it for it has worked really well on my hair. What is more interesting is that even though the main ingredient is Garlic it does not smell garlic at all its odor free! This shampoo can be used by both men and women. It leaves my hair very soft and clean after washing which I really like.  It has got Biotin also in it which makes it more interesting since Biotin helps new hair to grow and makes hair thicker & stronger.


The benefits of Garlic shampoo is that it adds significant shine and body to hair that may have been damaged from coloring or bleaching. Garlic shampoo will also help those suffering from dry hair and an itchy scalp by reducing or even eliminating these symptoms with repeated use. When massaged into the scalp, garlic shampoo helps in maintaining strong, healthy hair.


Those with thinning hair will enjoy stimulation of new hair growth with the use of garlic shampoo. Long time ago people used to use garlic for stimulating hair growth by massaging it into the scalp. Antibiotic properties of garlic were noted by Louis Pasteur in the 1800s. If hair loss is caused by bacteria, the antibiotic effects of garlic shampoo may eliminate the problem and restore thickness to the hair.


Garlic shampoo helps in restoring healthy hair when hair has been damaged after the application of a chemical perm. Inherent properties of garlic will return hair to its healthy state eliminating breakage often resulting from these chemical perms or repeated use of hair dryers. Using garlic shampoo stimulates blood flow and helps remove toxins from the hair follicle eliminating the problem of split ends.


How I use this is I massage the shampoo into the scalp until foamy and leave it in the hair for a few minutes to ensure absorption of the many nutrients contained in garlic. These nutrients are far reaching well beyond restoring healthy hair.


Available in major hypermarkets around UAE for AED 30