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Bronzer V/S Contour Powder


Hello Lovelies, today is my birthday Yaaaayyyy! 😀 So Happy Birthday to me! 😉 Anyways thought I should definitely make a post on the issue of using a bronzer to contour which is a big no no for me! It is quite unfortunate to see most of the so-called beauty Gurus on Youtube, Instagram and so on claims that you can use a bronzer to contour your face. Seriously?!

First of all we need to understand the difference and purpose between the two.

A bronzer is used to give a Tan glow to your skin like how you would be tanned if you were in the sun. It can make your face look warm if you have a pale or porcelain complexion. However, some people with medium skin tone also love using bronzers just to look a little bit more warm and tanned. If you take a bronzer and look closely you may notice it has an orange tint in it as a secondary color.

As for a Contour powder it is mainly used in giving shape to an area of the face, neck and to enhance the facial structure through makeup. What the contour powder does is it creates artificial shades on your face and create the illusion that some zones are shaped differently – thinner face or nose for example or you have higher cheekbones. The secondary color in a contour powder if I may say is basically like a brown-grayish color or Taupe color.


Here is a picture to show you the difference between using a Bronzer (Left) and a Contour powder (Right). You can see how drastically the contour powder can change your face structure and make you look so different.

Photo credit #GIVEGOODFACE

I do hope this helps to get that flawless and well contoured face ladies! 🙂