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L.A. Girl HD Pro Eyeshadow Primer Review


L.A. Girl HD Eyeshadow Primer


Hey everyone, looks like am blogging after years. 🙂 I have been busy for the past few days that’s why couldn’t post. Anyways here is a new post and review on an HD eyeshadow primer from L.A. Girl.


The L.A. Girl HD PRO Primer Eyeshadow Stick is a multi-tasking primer that has a light weight, non-sticky formula that sets for a long-lasting eye makeup application. The smooth texture glides over eyelids to prep your eyes for a flawless, even application. HD PRO Primer Eyeshadow Stick is a universal primer that serves as a base, works on all skin types and allows you to wear your favorite eyeshadow all day long while enhancing the pigments in most eyeshadows.

-Universal primer that serves as a base for eyeshadows
-Provides all day long wear and enhances the pigments of most eyeshadows
-Addresses appearance of redness and discoloration
-Balances the skin and brightens the eyelids


All the 3 colors are really beautiful and do work out but I personally love the black one and it is indeed a good base for smoky eye makeup.



L.A. Girl Eyeshadow Primer Swatches



L.A. Girl Eyeshadow Primer Blended

With eyeshadow – Far Left eyeshadow without primer

L.A. Girl Eyeshadow Primer with Eyeshadow

This primer is really worth it and is better than I expected! It also makes my eyeshadow stay longer and brings out the color nicely.You don’t need a lot of product also which is cool. Considering the price and staying power I definitely recommend this.


All 3 colors can be bought for USD10

Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar First Look & Release Dates!






Photo Credit: Sephora



Sephora USA 12/15 12/26

SIJCP 1/15
Ulta 1/18
Beauty Brands 1/13
Counter Top Units (Boutiques) 1/17
Sephora EU 2/1
Sephora ME 2/16
Sephora SEA 3/5
Mecca Maxima (Australia) 2/22
Debenham’s (UK) 1/19

Dior Star Foundation UPDATE!



Hello Loves, here I am with an update on the Dior Star Foundation.


First of all let me tell you I am seriously in LOVE with this foundation for it really gives you that Flawless skin! (Click here to read my previous review). Logically speaking I am Honey Beige in Shade #40 but unfortunately this foundation does oxidize up to 2-3 shades (or maybe more) darker which is definitely a bummer! 😦  The reason why I don’t like it turning darker is because my contouring would just disappear within 2-3 hours and it would make my skin look dirty. And when you are out who wants to do touch-ups?! 


Anyways after trying several shades I reached to the conclusion that I should use Dior Star Foundation in Medium Beige which is Shade #30. Even though its a little bit lighter, after blending it sets in naturally into my skin.



Dior Star Swatch


Dior Star Blended


Hope this post was helpful ladies! 🙂

e.l.f Cover Everything Concealer Corrective Yellow Review


e.l.f Cover Everything Concealer Corrective Yellow


Hello Lovelies! While doing some online shopping I came across this. I have to say this concealer is really nice and creamy. As for the color its nicely pigmented and has got a hint of yellow in it which was a bit of a disappointment for me as I was expecting it to be a little bit more yellow. But after I tried it I thought it was cool.  🙂


e.l.f Yellow Corrective Concealer


This concealer is very easy to use and blends in beautifully. I prefer applying it with my fingers. I just dab it around my eyes and let it sit for sometime and then blend it. This product does provide a decent coverage but in case you have some very dark circles it may not work for you. But you can definitely use it to contour and the finish looks really GORGEOUS! 😀




If you have oily skin then you should set it with powder so that it does not crease. This concealer can be used daily as it does not look heavy on skin. Overall I think the quality is good for the price. So would definitely recommend to go for this specially if you have a low budget.

Can be bought Online for USD2.99

Bronzer V/S Contour Powder


Hello Lovelies, today is my birthday Yaaaayyyy! 😀 So Happy Birthday to me! 😉 Anyways thought I should definitely make a post on the issue of using a bronzer to contour which is a big no no for me! It is quite unfortunate to see most of the so-called beauty Gurus on Youtube, Instagram and so on claims that you can use a bronzer to contour your face. Seriously?!

First of all we need to understand the difference and purpose between the two.

A bronzer is used to give a Tan glow to your skin like how you would be tanned if you were in the sun. It can make your face look warm if you have a pale or porcelain complexion. However, some people with medium skin tone also love using bronzers just to look a little bit more warm and tanned. If you take a bronzer and look closely you may notice it has an orange tint in it as a secondary color.

As for a Contour powder it is mainly used in giving shape to an area of the face, neck and to enhance the facial structure through makeup. What the contour powder does is it creates artificial shades on your face and create the illusion that some zones are shaped differently – thinner face or nose for example or you have higher cheekbones. The secondary color in a contour powder if I may say is basically like a brown-grayish color or Taupe color.


Here is a picture to show you the difference between using a Bronzer (Left) and a Contour powder (Right). You can see how drastically the contour powder can change your face structure and make you look so different.

Photo credit #GIVEGOODFACE

I do hope this helps to get that flawless and well contoured face ladies! 🙂

Favorite Drugstore Foundation – Revlon Colorstay Combo/Oily


Revlon Colorstay Foundations


Hey everyone one of my readers sent me a mail to ask what is my favorite drugstore foundation for oily skin and thought should definitely share this with all of you for sure! So here it is! 🙂


So one of my favorite drugstore foundation is definitely the Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Combination/ Oily Skin. I have been using this for over a year and have to say it does an amazing job. It is a Medium to Full Coverage Foundation and seriously covers acne scars and pigmentation. This foundation has the same finish as MAC Studio Fix. It goes on smooth but you have to apply it quickly as it dries fast. So I apply in small sections with a flat stippling brush or I use a damp sponge. I do not have any preference since they work great for me in both ways. The staying power of this foundation is incredible once you set it. And if you know how to work with it you can definitely have the airbrushed look. I’ve set it on my face with the elf corrective yellow powder and have used other powders, the foundation sits well either way. It just lasts for a long time and covers everything.


I know some people complain that you  have to use it sparingly so that it can look almost natural but I have to disagree here. I have used it by applying several layers for full coverage and it looks Perfect & Natural! I would suggest to make sure the color matches your skin specially your undertones, and try to apply it fast as it dries quickly and may not look natural if not blended properly. So for those having issues working with it I would recommend to use a damp sponge. Though it is not a light weight foundation it doesn’t feel heavy either on my face. If you need a budget friendly foundation or/and a replacement for your studio fix this is the foundation you should definitely go for!


For those girls who have been having break-outs from their MAC Foundations I would suggest to give this foundation a try. I do own different shades from this and love to use it for big days specially when I need some heavy contouring and highlighting.  I am in MAC NC42 and in UAE the only color that matches it is Natural Tan. See swatches below and list to match your skin color.











 Revlon Colorstay vs. MAC SFF:

Ivory: NW 15 lightest of the bunch
Buff: NC20 best match for fair NCs
Sand Beige: NC20-25 with somewhat neutral undertones
Nude: NC25 with peachy undertones, definitely not for pinks or true golden
Natural Beige: NW20 tends to run pink
Medium Beige: NC27 between Sand Beige and Golden Beige
Fresh Beige: NW25 with pinky undertones
Golden Beige: NC30 with truest yellow/olive undertones
Warm Golden: NW30/NC30 with somewhat neutral undertones
True Beige: NW30 with pinky undertones (for Fresh Beige in summer)
Natural Tan: NC40/NC42 more neutral than golden caramel
Early Tan: NW35 with somewhat peach undertones
Rich Tan: NC 40/42 with yellowish undertones
Golden Caramel: NC40/NC42 more golden than natural tan
Toast: NW43/NC45 with neutral undertones
Rich Ginger: NW45 very peachy-pink
Caramel: NC45 seems to run true to color
Cappucino: NC50 slightly more peach than Caramel
Mahogany: NW50/NC55 the darkest of NWs but not extremely peachy
Mocha: NW55 seems to be very cool toned, almost grey undertone


Hope this post was helpful ladies! 😉

Diorskin Star Foundation Review



So ladies during week-end I have tried and tested the new Dior Star Foundation. I have to say am really impressed with this foundation. I am NC42 in MAC and was matched with the Dior Star Foundation in shade #40.

Diorskin Star Foundation is the new member to the Dior foundation family.

Claims from the foundation:

” Inspired by the professional illuminating techniques and expertise of its makeup artists, Dior invents Diorskin Star, its 1st brightening foundation: a weightless fluid capable of instantly and over time recreating the spectacular and perfecting light of Dior Studios. Hollow silica beads captures and diffuses light in a correcting halo with no shine. Colour-filter pigments adapt to each skin tone and neutralize color imbalances to recreate the perfect light” 

Well I have to say I do agree with all the above claims BUT within few minutes it oxidized!!! So if I was to buy this foundation I would definitely buy it in One shade lighter.

As for the foundation itself the formula is thicker but it doesn’t go on with opacity. It is meant to be applied with a damp sponge. Dior Star is not oily, not sparkly, not obvious, no white-cast, just a perfect glow and despite having a high concentration of SPF 30 in it this foundation does not flash back in photography at all! Isn’t that cool!!! 😀

For the coverage this foundation offers a Medium to Full coverage and still looks like skin.  It literally makes your skin glow and It does make skin looks super flawless and I love it! It didn’t crease and my skin didn’t turn oily which makes me love it more and more. And yes it didn’t settle in my pores like how other foundations do. Me also love the smell. So for me this foundation is amazing apart from it oxidizing.


Dior Star Foundation Swatch


Dior Star Foundation

I definitely recommend Star and would also suggest to try different shades and see if it oxidize before buying the appropriate shade.

Sold for AED 240

GOSH Smokey Eyeliner Review


Hey Girls… hope you’ve enjoyed your week-end. I have this liner in black and I simply love it! It is a waterproof eyeliner and have an excellent colour payoff. It is soft, blendable and easy to smudge and gives a matt and smoky finish.

I prefer to use it along my waterline for some little drama rather than on top of my eyes. It is long-lasting and has a smudge applicator at the end of the pencil but I do not like using the smudge applicator since it moves too much. This liner is perfume and parabene free.

Sold for AED 45

Marc Jacobs Beauty Holiday 2014 Collection


The Sky Liner Petite Highliner Collection ($45.00) (Limited Edition)

Marc Jacobs Beauty Holiday 2014 Collection

Line your eyes like never before with this dazzling assortment of 7 petite highliner gel eyeliners. Cased in a limited-edition collectible box, these perfect petites include 5 best-selling shades and 2 new limited-edition eyeliner shades. This set is centered around the signature shade of the season, “Midnight in Paris.” 7 x 0.01 oz Highliner gel crayons in O(vert) (forest green), Brown(out) (bronze with shimmer), Th(ink) (deep navy), (Plum)age (vivid purple), Blacquer (black), Sunset (golden bronze shimmer), Midnight in Paris (inky indigo blue).

  • O(vert)

  • Brown(out)

  • Th(ink)

  • (Plum)age

  • Blacquer

  • Sunset (Exclusive)

  • Midnight in Paris (Exclusive)


La Coquette Collection ($55.00) (Limited Edition)

Create a classic Parisienne look with this set of Marc’s most covetable items. With a Magic Marc’er liquid eyeliner in Blacquer, the perfect nude nail polish, and a shimmering lip gloss for pink pout, you’ll be ready for a night of magic. This set also contains a signature mirror contained in a Marc Jacobs-designed pochette. The perfect gift for someone special or for yourself.

  • Blacquer (Magic Mar’cer Precision Pen Eyeliner)

  • Kissability (Lust for Lacquer Sheer Lip Vinyl)

  • Madame (Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer)

  • Mirror (in a Pochette)


Blacquer and Bleu Eye Essentials Collection ($79.00) (Limited Edition)

Marc Jacobs Beauty Holiday 2014 Collection

Satisfy your love of dramatic eye looks with Marc’s must-haves in eyeliner and mascara, in shades of blacquer and bleu. This decadent collection inspired by the glamour of Paris and its midnight sky features 3 best-selling products contained in a makeup bag designed by Marc Jacobs. The ultimate gift for the girl who loves to shine.

  • Blacquer (Magic Mar’cer Precision Pen Eyeliner)

  • Blacquer (O!Mega Lash Volumizing Mascara)

  • Th(ink) (Highliner Gel Eyeliner Crayon)

  • Makeup Bag by Marc Jacobs


LoveMarc Collection Lip Gel Set ($350.00) (Limited Edition)

Marc Jacobs Beauty Holiday 2014 Collection

Experience true luxury when you open the stylishly sleek Lovemarc Lipstick Collection, a collector’s edition. Enclosed in a lacquered jewelry box, you’ll find 12 shiny-black Lovemarc lipsticks aligned like piano keys, and the center of attention, Marc’s realized vision of the perfect red—Showstopper. From the mysterious Moody Margot, to provocative Little Pretty, discover the variety of true glamour and fall in love with a new lipstick shade each day.


Style Eye-Con No. 7 ($59.00) (Limited Edition)

Marc Jacobs Beauty Holiday 2014 Collection

Featuring the Limited Edition Holiday 2014 eyeshadow palette, The Parisienne. Become captivated with the super skinny, sleek design of these iconic, harmonized eyeshadows. Discover the mystery of the girl who believes in finding magic at all hours.

  • The Parisienne Inspired by the City of Lights


Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer ($18.00) (Limited Edition)

Marc Jacobs Beauty Holiday 2014 Collection

  • Midnight in Paris Inky indigo blue

Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Foam Wash Review



Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Foam Wash

I am using this product since past few months and am loving it! 😀

This is definitely one of the most affordable Cleansing Foam Wash with Salicylic Acid I have come across in UAE. I use this everyday along with my Olay Professional Cleansing System Brush (click here to know more) and this makes your skin really smooth and feel clean without over drying. It is gentle and removes all my makeup very well. It also improves the texture of skin. All skin types can use this daily, even if you have sensitive skin. I use it in shower at times (instead of shower gel) after soaping and it leaves the skin nice and fresh. Also I have been using it to remove my eye make up specially liners, mascara and kohl liners which are tough to remove at times and it does a very good job though it burns a little bit! Just be careful if doing this! 🙂 Girls out there with oily skin will definitely love this! For the price its really really worth it… I seriously think its value for money.

Available across UAE for AED 30