Dior Star Foundation UPDATE!



Hello Loves, here I am with an update on the Dior Star Foundation.


First of all let me tell you I am seriously in LOVE with this foundation for it really gives you that Flawless skin! (Click here to read my previous review). Logically speaking I am Honey Beige in Shade #40 but unfortunately this foundation does oxidize up to 2-3 shades (or maybe more) darker which is definitely a bummer! 😦  The reason why I don’t like it turning darker is because my contouring would just disappear within 2-3 hours and it would make my skin look dirty. And when you are out who wants to do touch-ups?! 


Anyways after trying several shades I reached to the conclusion that I should use Dior Star Foundation in Medium Beige which is Shade #30. Even though its a little bit lighter, after blending it sets in naturally into my skin.



Dior Star Swatch


Dior Star Blended


Hope this post was helpful ladies! 🙂

What do you think Beautiful?

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