Best Quick Fix Brightening Peel Mask I’ve Ever Used!


Quick Fix Brightening Peel Mask



Okay Ladies, I am officially in love with Quick Fix Masks. They all work so effectively!!! I’ve also been using the Quick Fix Brightening Peel Mask lately and am amazed.

If you have problem skin like dull, tired, lifeless skin then this product is definitely for you. I also really like the smell of this mask. It contains:

Papaya Extract – helps promote cell turnover creating healthy and glowing skin

Mulberry Extract – contains skin brightening elements to help even out skin tone

Goji Berry Extract – known to stimulate and energize skin to help boost radiance

Well well… I have to say its true my skin has been glowing a lot with this product. It makes my skin looks super fresh and soft. Good news is its been lightening my scars as well, specially the new ones. I seriously recommend this!

Available for AED39 in Boots

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  1. Hi Nur Al Ayn.. I came across your blog from Naznin’s comment section.. I am so blown away with your blog.. Plenty of information that is straight n to the point..I am Irene n I am a newbie in blogging as well.. My blog is … Do you have an instagram account… Also I saw this same mask in Boots and I was like I haven’t seen any reviews so let me not buy it now particularly with the gazillion masks lining my bathroom shelf.. So will definitely pick it up now… I am always on the lookout for Skin Brightening products..


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